I strongly recommend the course " establishing and managing high-tech startups", by ISEMI college.

The course contains fascinating and practical content, necessary for any entrepreneur. The lectures are conducted by senior professionals, many of them with personal entrepreneurial experience, who have considerable knowledge in their respective fields of work, be it finance, marketing, ect.

As a student, I got lots of helpful tips and advice, by the amazing teaching staff, who were happy to assist in various fields of entrepreneurship.

I would like to point out the warm attitude that each student gets from all staff members, and especially the wonderful Prof. Liora Katzenstein, who personally cares for the success of each and every one of her students.

I sighted up for this course, after reviewing all available courses in the field of business entrepreneurship in Israel, and am glad to say my choice was by far the best.

This is a must course for any entrepreneur, no matter how far along his project is, who seeks to succeed in the field, whilst networking with other entrepreneurs.
Oren Shahar