Like many young entrepreneurs, I too thought that my product is ×´the next big thing", that the whole world was waiting for, and I will become an instant millionaire.

Another common mistake I did was that I got so focused on the product, that I completely abandoned the business side, since "the whole world was waiting" for my product anyways.

In 2009, I participated in the "establishing and managing high-tech startups" course by ISEMI, that opened my eyes to the importance of the business side, which turned out to be just as important as the product, if not more so.

In addition to the content of the course, that takes you through all the steps of starting your own venture, I also met my future partner, who shared my ideas.

Since that time we have come a long way together.
We have raised $150,000, and prepared a prototype of our idea, that we use for the next round of fund raising.

I strongly recommend to anyone who has an Idea, to participate in these courses, and would even go as far as titling this course as a "must" for any young entrepreneur.
Yishay Peretz