As a director at “Ramot”, the commercialization arm of Tel-Aviv University, I have been lecturing at ISEMI for the last 2 decades on the general issue of Innovation, with a specific emphasize on patents.
Although already a PhD in Science for 2 decades and despite my capacity as a lecturer at ISEMI, I decided to join the MEI (Master of Entrepreneurship & Innovation) program as a regular student.
The 2 years I spent at the program have enriched me in more than one way. First and foremost, the studies were a wonderful completion to the work I was doing, and I acquired a lot of useful knowledge in areas such as marketing, finance, strategy etc.  I also had the opportunity of meeting students from all over the world, some of them holding very senior positions in their home countries, and joining them in practical ventures.
Since my graduation from ISEMI I have experienced both successful and unsuccessful ventures. I know that the rate of failure would have been considerably higher if I would have not have taken the ISEMI course.

Dr. Benzion Rubinfeld
CEO at SolarGen and Owner, SolarGen